Courses & Exams Details Page

Lead UX designer


Course and Exam detail page


To revamp the design aiming to foster upselling and facilitate conversion


Adobe XD


Course & Exam detail page contains comprehensive content summary of the course (exam) and the checkout panel where the location and class format can be selected before sending the course to the shopping cart. Our team was striving to improve visual and textual content presentation optimizing customer experience based on the business goals and stakeholders instructions.

Key Initiatives

  • Conduct user testing, AB-testing, and heatmap overview to achieve best results
  • Identify what content users engage with the most
  • Streamline checkout box with the cleaner presentation
  • Add recommended next steps (learning path) relative to the page
  • Adopt a lighter theme to match the brand styles

What had been done

  • Moved location dropdown and login link to the checkout box
  • Added locations detail link to help user find where they can train and test
  • Prioritized tab content by removing duplicate information
  • Movied video box highter up on the page
  • Added social share and print options
  • Lighter and cleaner layout


  • Higher user engagement with modality type sector
  • "Get Started" cta is getting 11% more clicks
  • RHLS band has increased traffic/conversion to RHLS page by 6.19%
  • Videos close to the top of the page help conversion
  • Increased traffic to Learning Community page