Rouge Et Noir

Designer & developer


Rouge Et Noir is the local beauty spa that specializes in skin care


To revamp the existing desktop and mobile websites and increase organic traffic




Rouge Et Noir is an elegant little spa located near downtown Cary. For the new website's interface we wanted to mimic the spa's experience: calm, relaxing, aesthetic, and soothing atmosphere. With the client we had determined website goals, with the improvements focusing on SEO rankings, conversion leverage, and strong content giving customers a clear idea about the spa's services and procedures.

Goals & Improvements

  • Improve website's interface to reflect spa's experience
  • Showcase the gallery, testimonials, and specials
  • Encourage users to book an appointment
  • Optimize website for mobile users (60% of the traffic)
  • Switch the CMS platform from Joomla to Wordpress


As the redesign efforts were experiencing major visual improvements, my client and I were facing a more serious task of driving organic traffic to the website and improving web analytics. Content is the king they say, so that's where we channeled our efforts. After adding strong page content filled with the relevant keywords and links we were delighted when we saw Rouge Et Noir on the second page of Google (yes, still aiming to get it on the first :))


  • 12% increase in organic traffic
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Longer time period users spend on the website engaging with the content
  • More users taking advantage of the seasonal specials
  • More returning visitors and more appointment bookings